Claire Finucane

come in close            slow down a minute                     take a breath


Claire Finucane

T-E-E-T-H in one G  A  P  E  I  N  G open mouth of stillness. Silence the BODY of him broken down is M E S

In The Night

Dani Beutell

I am the Moon and you the Deep Blue. United by your current, my pale vision burns soft and slow beneath a blanket of stars.

Be Full

Dani Beutell

  Take it all. Off my chest, my hands. Out of my life. To unload the weight of my world upon another? I may perish at such


Claire Finucane

Gotta get my stuff, one, two three. Items in hand, at target and must get home before Jay get’s angry with me.

Joke Soul

Danielle Roz

you think i’m a mess
well, i might be a mess
but i’ll be the best fucking mess you ever met.